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We all have a story to tell. By sharing it we help each other to grow

Thank you so much for stepping by. I'm Janina a passionate Yoga & Breathwork Instructor and a soon to be yoga therapist.


Yoga for me means reconnection with ourselves through movement, breathing and meditation. Finding that place of wisdom and love that lies within all of us.

The perfect life I thought I had

Six years ago I was convinced I would be happy if I just had that degree, the scholarship, that job with a well known company, the perfect looking apartment, a well defined body and a partner who loved me. I manifested all these things in my life but still something very essential was missing.


purpose in life

I did not know who I was beyond that material world I was holding on to, I did not know what it meant to love myself and I did not know what my purpose in life was. ​With the urge to find answers I decided to go abroad. I dedicated my time to the practice of yoga and meditation. I attended yoga- and silent meditation retreats and soon I knew India, the birthplace of yoga was my go-to.

India - a place to look within

My teacher training in India became a pivotal point not only because I deeply resonated with the teachings but also because I realized how destructive my own relationship with myself was. How could I ever be at peace with life if I continued that self sabotaging behaviour, telling myself I was unworthy? 


Cultivating a daily routine

I startet cultivating a daily yoga and meditation practice that supported me in building a healthy relationship with myself in which I have learned to meet myself from a place of acceptance and compassion.

I was called to share yoga

One thing became very clear: I was called to share these teachings that deeply touched my heart. So the most rewarding experience was to share this practice with others. I've been teaching in a beautiful local community on the Philippines and also had the chance to teach many lovely souls in New Zealand. 


Back to my roots

And now as my journey brought me back to Germany, where my roots are I'm super excited to grow a lovely community here and meet you in one of my classes, workshops and future retreats.


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