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Yoga für Unternehmen in München

Business Yoga

8 Weeks Yoga- and Breathwork course

Your employees are your source of success, this is why their physical and mental wellbeing should be cared for.  

Through yoga we give ourselves time to slow down, to recharge and find more balance in our day to day life. 


There are a number of proofen benefits that yoga has on our physical and mental wellbeing: 

  • strengthens immunity

  • increases focus and concentration

  • decreases stress 

  • helps releasing tension in body

  • better sleep

  • improves body posture and helps to reduce physical tension

  • helps to correct unhealthy breathing patterns


This is why I designed this 8 weeks course, in which you will learn

  • to synchronize movement and breath to cultivate mindfulness 

  • how breathing effects our body and mind

  • breathing techniques to calm your nervous system and to release stress

  • basic meditation techniques

  • Yoga postures to release back pain and tension in neck area and shoulders

All you need to know:

  • The course will take place at your office

  • Group size depends on your room capacity

  • No previous yoga experience necessary

  • Classes offered in English or German

  • Everyone needs to bring their own yoga mat

  • The course is designed for 8 weeks (8x 1.15h)

  • Price per lesson is 200,00 €

I'm more than happy to further discuss more individualized options and formats tailored to your needs. Just drop me a message.

For inquiries, get in touch

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