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Stellung des Kindes

Business Yoga

About the course

Your employees are your source of success, this is why their physical and mental wellbeing should be cared for.  


Through yoga we give ourselves time to slow down, to get out of our thinking minds, to let go of the stresses and tensions that have build in order to recharge, rejuvenate and find balance in our day to day life. 


Through a consistent yoga practice we cultivate body awareness which helps us to gain an overall better body posture and the ability to breath more deeply. If our oxygen supply is optimized our body can function to it’s maximum. 


This is why I designed this course for which we will learn... synchronize movement and breath through basic yoga flows that enhance flexibility and strength 


...about the breath, how do we breath and how does it effect our body, how can we change our breathing pattern, what techniques can we use to calm our nervous system and deal with stress, what techniques can we use to boost our nervous system and be focused

...basic meditation techniques, observing the breath, cultivating mindfulness


The maximum amount of people in one class is dependent on the room size you have available. Everyone needs to bring their own yoga mat. I will provide some additional props like straps and blocks. Please be aware that this course is just available for companies based in munic. 


I´m more than happy to further discuss options that are not listed on the website and find a suitable format for you. Otherwise you are welcome to directly book via the website and I'll be in touch.


Classes can be held in english or german. 


Looking forward to seeing you in your office

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